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Character Eye Descriptions: The Window to Your Story

A good resource for describing eyes in a story. Good thing I came across this as I’m beating a deadline…

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By Sharla Rae, @SharlaWrites

Sharla_EyePhotopinIf poets are to be believed,eyes are the windows to the soul.

Rather than using clichéd or common descriptions,why not use “explicit” eye descriptions to give your reader a real peek into a character’s psyche?

I’ll touch on eye color, movement, and appearance and, of course, I have some helpful lists to inspire ideas.

Eye color

It’s a given that writers mention eye color as a character feature. Color can be mentioned every so often to remind readers what the character looks like. But! Don’t hit them over the head with it.

Besides using eye color as a facial feature it can sometimes be used to identify who is speaking especially if the color distinctive.

Blue eyes widened and she threw up both hands. “Now hold on a minute.”
Her amber cat eyes narrowed. “xxxx”

A character might have plain old blue or brown…

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Goodbye, Grandmother


My grandmother passed away Sunday morning around 8:30am. She passed away peacefully, a relief to all of us because she’s been suffering for almost 10 years.

I do not know how to pay tribute to someone who has done a lot for her children and grandchildren. I never had the privilege of growing up with my grandmother, and I never got to know what it’s like to have a workaholic yet caring grandmother. More

A Client’s Satisfaction

Writing for someone else is never an issue for me. Even if my writings get published under someone’s name, I get the satisfaction of knowing that it helped my client in some way.

And a lot of successful freelancers get to the top by making sure that they work hard in order to fulfill a client’s needs.

So how can you be that writer? More

Career Dilema

I was always proud of the fact that I was the only blogger among my company of friends. However, when things started falling down on the freelance economy, the decison to shift careers and ignore my blogs became necessary.

And up to this day, I regret the change and neglect I have shown on my writing career, especially when I see successful bloggers getting breaks and exposure.

As a consequence of my actions, my blog rankings dropped, my writing style suffered, and my self-confidence went down the drain.


Writing With Music

Let’s face it. Even if you love writing down to the very depths of your soul, there will come a time when you will need to have a break from it. It won’t be a problem if you are just writing for a hobby.

However, that urge to have a break can be fatal for a freelancer racing against a deadline. There may even be times when you yourself won’t notice that you need a break until you give yourself the luxury of something that comforts you like none other.

One of those things, for me, is music.

My Valentine Break

I was trying to update my gardening blog because we just bought a couple of plants at a local nursery. After three misserable attempts, I called it quits. Here’s why:

Chibi Painting

She just loves to draw, and who am I to get in the way of creativity?

Happy Valentine’s Day!