My First Doily


I am currently on the road to recovery from my Menniere’s attack, so no writing for me, or anything that will give me stress. To keep myself occupied, I created this doily thru Crochet Geek’s tutorial. It’s the first doily that I’ve made since 1993,  and I am still on  the lookout for that gorgeous yet so elusive pattern.

I hope this will inspire you to take up, or renew your love affair with crocheting.

See you around.


After So Long

I would like to say thank you in advance to you for reading my blog. I appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to read this new post, with me taking this blog site foregranted. So sorry about this.

I haven’t been too keen on writing for myself for the last several months. I have a somewhat long-term web writing stint, and all my creative juices are being sucked and exhausted for that project. Needless to say, I miss writing freestyle, and I can only do so by writing in my blog.

To get my words to come out, I always run for a small “me time” I my garden. I would  stand there being a voyeur and peek beneath the petals of the flowers of my plants. I love peeking beneath the blooms to see my tomato fruits slowly develop, and to admire the sharp contrast of dark violet anthers against pristine white petals of my jalapeño flowers. I often spend 30-45mins just standing in my garden, staring at my plants and feeling the leaves. As if my staring woulf force my plants to develop any faster.

Aside from the occasional garden visit,  I am also taking care of my daughter. Boy, was I glad that I am a part-time work-at-home-mom because she suddenly had a severe allergic (not anaphylactic, thank you, God), reaction from an insect bite. If I would be working, I would be on my way home when she had the attack. I would be beside myself in panic because no one in the house is capable of handling such crisis.

Now, after being frozen let’s see just how far I can take my freelancing blog.

Until then, and cheers to you for sticking by.

The Next Level

There is this post shared on facebook about why there are math achievers, and how others do not excell in math because of their firm  belief that these whiz kids were genetically gifted with a scientific calculator wired in their brains. Sadly, I am one of them. I believed with a passion that these math geniuses were simply gifted because they make math seem effortless. In fact, I believe still that succesful singers, musicians, and writers get to where they are now because they have talent – something that I wish I have. Large, juicy chunks of it.