My Singing Daughter

Okay, let’s take a break for a while. I am so upset because a blog that I spent two days composing using my tablet got trashed because I foolishly updated wirelessly after major adjustments on my pc. I have several posts drafted already, but I would like to get over this intense disappointment. I never did like it when everything I spent hours on went bust. More


My Growing Girl


The best blessing that I got for being a work-at-home mom is seeing my daughter grow up. I have seen her development from infancy to school age, and I thank the Lord that I got that rare, taken-foregranted opportunity.

I knew that the day will come when she will demand her own bed. Our culture is very open to co-sleeping, and her desire to have her own bed is met with both anticipation and sadness from me and my husband. She is starting to become independent, and we as her parents are ambivalent over giving her that precious gift. More