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Gadgets You Can Use to Make Your Work Stylish and Comfortable


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Very rare can you come across a VA who has an innate fear of technology. A freelancer should be knowledgeable on what tools that he/she can use to make a task easier and simpler. Here is the list of gadgets that help lessen the complexity of your load and finish the day on a lighter note. More

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We’ve just launched an online service that will help clients connect with Filipino VA’s. We’re still finalizing the details for the website but will definitely post updates once everything is ready.

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When and How to say NO – for additional workload

It’s can be hard to say no for a couple of reasons: you need the money, you’re shy or intimidated to say no (typical of us Filipinos), or you’re just a plain workaholic.

Still, saying no actually can do you more good. If you have a great boss, he or she may actually admire you for standing up to yourself. Contrary to what most of us know, there are employers who would rather to have you be upfront with them when it comes to handling tasks. Why? Because your performance suffers when you have too much on your plate. It may seem good at first, but once your body starts to scream “Enough!!!”, your mind has no other option but to shut down.

Your talented va

preview16Today I want to talk about task and time management in connection with when should you accept some more on your plate or say that you’re already full.

Being a Filipino worker could have so much effect on our work ethics in general. Filipino culture tends to live by the “hospitality” characteristic and mostly being overdone.

For most of us, saying no doesn’t come naturally. We are too afraid to say NO even if we don’t want to and also too shy to ask even if we did not understand. There is no scientific explanation I know to expand more on this idea but this is the reality and this is happening all the time.

I thought of writing this because of one recent interview I had from one of my prospective clients. So I asked, “did you have any Filipino workers working for you now?” and he said “yes!”…

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It Begins!


Handy, can carry with me without fear of getting mugged, hahaha

I have to get this project done fast – and the best way for me to do it without compromising quality is to start writing. As in literally writing. More

Get A Hobby… Now!

Freelancing can be a challenging and exhausting profession, demanding more than just your time and skills in varying degrees of intensity and difficulty. Regardless, the rush that you will get from pushing yourself to the limit for a special or favorite client is as great (or almost as great) as a sugar high. And just like sugar high, a pet project leaves you drained and exhausted once it’s over. That is, if you were able to get the project done before burnout takes the wind out of your sail. More

The Sad Truth

Hi, and thanks again for coming back.

For two days now I have been tending to my garden and updating my gardening blog’s content. I got spurred on because my mom gave me jalapeño and habanero seeds, and my husband loves chili. Yes, we do not have those seeds here in the Philippines, so I went totally ballistic. So, during the course of my blogging about jalapeños, I have discovered a sad truth. There are more people interested in cooking rather than gardening, and they prefer to engage in replying to blogs and sharing social media content on that niche as opposed to gardening. More

Follow Your Heart


I hate to admit it, but seeing my daughter make her sketches using her new charcoal pencil made me want to go back to casual sketching again. I practiced with pencil strokes, tried making a face, and then just let my hand do what it wants to do.

As much as I want to take interest in pencil sketching, it does not spark an intense longing and satisfaction as writing, or any other venture I have taken. More

Never Forget Your Contact Details

I was surfing the net to look for a place to buy compost or worm castings for my container garden. My oregano is in dire need of nitrogen. I stumbled upon a website of a family-owned business that offers online payment for worm castings, and I got exited.

My bubble burst and frustration sets in when I navigated the website and cannot find a single contact detail. I would have offered this person good business because my mom-in-law is an absolute gardening addict. More