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Put Your Hands Up! Triggers for Meniere’s

I think I hit a triggerHold your horses, cowboy! We’re not talking about guns here now. We’ll be talking about what makes Meniere’s Disease (MD) rear its ugly head up when you least expect it. Once it says hello, you’ll be experiencing most if not all of these symptoms: More

Pros and Cons of the Paleo Diet

paleo diet

Obesity is an increasing health concern all over the world. Everyone is looking for ways to lose weight, and the Paleo diet has increased in popularity over the years due to reported success.

Paleo diet (a.k.a. Paleolithic or hunter-gatherer diet) was created by Dr. Loren Cordain in 2002. The principle is simple: you go back to the way food was prepared during the caveman years. Everything was wild and naturally growing, which is why all the nutrients were pure and locked in. In essence, you’ll be eliminating food items such as: More

Character Eye Descriptions: The Window to Your Story

A good resource for describing eyes in a story. Good thing I came across this as I’m beating a deadline…

Writers In The Storm Blog

By Sharla Rae, @SharlaWrites

Sharla_EyePhotopinIf poets are to be believed,eyes are the windows to the soul.

Rather than using clichéd or common descriptions,why not use “explicit” eye descriptions to give your reader a real peek into a character’s psyche?

I’ll touch on eye color, movement, and appearance and, of course, I have some helpful lists to inspire ideas.

Eye color

It’s a given that writers mention eye color as a character feature. Color can be mentioned every so often to remind readers what the character looks like. But! Don’t hit them over the head with it.

Besides using eye color as a facial feature it can sometimes be used to identify who is speaking especially if the color distinctive.

Blue eyes widened and she threw up both hands. “Now hold on a minute.”
Her amber cat eyes narrowed. “xxxx”

A character might have plain old blue or brown…

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Battling Against Ménière’s

I once was what I would call a “super mom” way back 2009. I would write for my clients in Upwork, and take care of my family at the same time. My work day starts at 7am and ends up at 2am most of the time. 11pm is already early for me. I can write non-stop and finish tasks fast with a high batting average for accuracy. That all ended when I got struck by Ménière’s in 2011.


When and How to say NO – for additional workload

It’s can be hard to say no for a couple of reasons: you need the money, you’re shy or intimidated to say no (typical of us Filipinos), or you’re just a plain workaholic.

Still, saying no actually can do you more good. If you have a great boss, he or she may actually admire you for standing up to yourself. Contrary to what most of us know, there are employers who would rather to have you be upfront with them when it comes to handling tasks. Why? Because your performance suffers when you have too much on your plate. It may seem good at first, but once your body starts to scream “Enough!!!”, your mind has no other option but to shut down.

Lets you focus, gives you time!

preview16Today I want to talk about task and time management in connection with when should you accept some more on your plate or say that you’re already full.

Being a Filipino worker could have so much effect on our work ethics in general. Filipino culture tends to live by the “hospitality” characteristic and mostly being overdone.

For most of us, saying no doesn’t come naturally. We are too afraid to say NO even if we don’t want to and also too shy to ask even if we did not understand. There is no scientific explanation I know to expand more on this idea but this is the reality and this is happening all the time.

I thought of writing this because of one recent interview I had from one of my prospective clients. So I asked, “did you have any Filipino workers working for you now?” and he said “yes!”…

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Perfect Pictures for Free!

Photo by Lukas on

I was browsing through my reader when I saw this post from Thomas Bishop.


Protect Your Eyes from Digital Strain

laptop technology ipad tablet

We all love our digital devices. In fact, most of us touch our phones and gadgets first before even saying good morning to the person sleeping next to us. These wonderful inventions have grown thinner due to advancing LED technology, and they are lighter and brighter than they were before. However, these devices give off harmful blue light which can lead to digital eye strain. More

Close to 3,000 Words and Counting

I think, or maybe I know that I am going overboard with this short story writing… Project should be 8,000 words, yet I am no where near the climax… More

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