Gadgets You Can Use to Make Your Work Stylish and Comfortable


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Very rare can you come across a VA who has an innate fear of technology. A freelancer should be knowledgeable on what tools that he/she can use to make a task easier and simpler. Here is the list of gadgets that help lessen the complexity of your load and finish the day on a lighter note.

Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

I don’t like getting tied to my tasks – literally. A Bluetooth keyboard and mouse has helped me move around the house. Pairing it with my tablet has helped me write my posts and stories while on the go. I remember I was stuck in a long traffic. I was able to finish two chapters of the book thanks to my Bluetooth keyboard. If you can get one that is back-lit, all the better.

Noise canceling headset

Let’s face it. It’s hot in the Philippines, right? Without an air conditioner,  you cannot close your windows against your noisy neighbor.  Your client will be able to hear almost everything that goes around in your area. A noise-canceling headset will help keep your communication clear and maintain focus on the discussion.

Mid to Hi-end smartphone

A real must, especially for social media managers and marketers. Mid to Hi-end phones have the right mix of brains (RAM) and brawn (hardware) will help you take excellent photos and videos for awesome content. It’s worth it because it gives you the freedom to go mobile. You’ll be able to install apps you’ll be needing to collaborate and reach out to your client or team.

Posture corrector

It’s easy for a freelancer to forget about his/her posture in the face of a demanding task.  With or without an ergonomic chair, a freelancer is always at risk of slouching once he/she is focused on a project. A posture corrector can help keep your back straight through all the time. The result is lesser neck and back pain, and you’ll notice an increase in confidence and focus on your tasks.

Portable laptop battery charger

Power and internet interruptions can happen. Which is why many freelancers experience either going to coffee shops and co-working spaces.  But what if, heaven forbid, all the outlets are taken? A portable laptop battery can help you extend your hours so you don’t have to worry about missing a deadline.

Peripheral sharing switch

I’ve experienced using two different devices for two different clients. Of course, I don’t want to clutter my workspace with two pairs of input devices. Result? Constant changing of connection. Honestly, I feared for my laptop’s USB port. If you ever come up with the same situation, look for a peripheral switch. This will help you share your input devices across two gadgets/tools minus the shifting.

Graphics tablet

We all know that editing photos and graphics can be time-consuming. It’s necessary for most VA’s nowadays to have a background on photo editing, even if we’re talking about taking out the background. Using a graphics tablet for photo editing can save you a lot of time. You may encounter a bit of a learning curve, especially if you got one that is super sensitive. But once you get the feel of your graphics tablet, cropping, selecting, and drawing among others will be faster and easier.

Razer Tartarus

Last but not least, my favorite gadget of all time. This baby is not only useful to gamers, but to coders and developers as well. I was able to configure the macros so I can just insert repetitive HTML codes in a second, rather than typing them individually. This is also perfect for data entry individuals who do a lot of copy-pasting in their tasks. If I had this while I was taking care of, my life would have been simpler.

Have a gadget that you wish to share? Feel free to tell us your gadget story in the comment section!

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