5 Natural Ways to Manage Your High Blood Pressure At Home

black sphygmomanometer

High blood pressure (hypertension) is when your blood flow is stronger than normal. Blood pressure reading should be between 120/80mmHg-130/90mmHg. It’s known as a silent killer because you don’t feel anything until you get complications. In fact, most people don’t even know they have high blood pressure until they undergo routine medical checkup.

Preventing complications from high blood pressure means managing taking your prescribed medication, as well as taking care of yourself. Here are 5 natural ways that can help you keep your blood pressure down at home.

Stay Active

One of the reasons why you have high blood pressure is because your arteries have narrowed. Doing physical exercise helps your body dilate your blood vessels and regulate your blood flow, thereby lowering the pressure from the heart to pump blood through your body. You can be active by:

  • Going to the gym
  • Waking at least 30 minutes a day
  • Perform chair exercises at work
  • Do household chores

You may feel winded and find that your blood pressure rising at first, but your body will soon adapt. Take it slowly until moving around feels natural to you.

Lower Salt Intake

“Where salt goes, water follows.” Salt attracts water naturally. If you take in too much salt, your body will also store water – which in turn increases your blood pressure. Hide that cute salt shaker and add flavor to your food by adding herbs, spices, and aromatics instead. Read food labels, and always go for low-sodium if you cannot avoid processed food altogether.

Cut Down on Smoking

Smoking may be relaxing, but it has the opposite effect on your arteries. Studies show that nicotine constricts your arteries, causing high blood pressure. Reduce your nicotine intake by cutting down on smoking, and limiting your exposure to places where people usually smoke.

Reduce Stress

Our world is moving fast, and it’s quite hard to find a quiet moment to just sit down and relax. Cut down stress by identifying your triggers and finding ways to either avoid or fix them. Take time to undergo measures to relax by taking vacations, meditating, doing deep breathing, yoga, and having a massage.

Lose Weight

The more body mass you have, the harder it is for your heart to deliver blood to your body. It is advisable to maintain the right weight based on your height and age. Follow the recommended calorie diet for your level of activity, go easy on the carbs, and go for lean meats. Exercise can help, too.

High blood pressure is not to be taken lightly, but it does not also mean that you cannot control it. Follow your doctor’s orders on medications and never miss a dose. Ask your doctor for recommendations on physical activities and diet, especially if you have other health conditions. When things get difficult for you, ask support from friends and family so that you have someone to back you up when it comes to maintaining your blood pressure.

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