My Singing Daughter

Okay, let’s take a break for a while. I am so upset because a blog that I spent two days composing using my tablet got trashed because I foolishly updated wirelessly after major adjustments on my pc. I have several posts drafted already, but I would like to get over this intense disappointment. I never did like it when everything I spent hours on went bust.

The kid singing is my daughter. We were on a trip for my husband’s birthday and she cannot swim yet because her bathing suit and sun block were with her cousin who hasn’t arrived yet. So, to take out the angst and whatnot, we let her sing her heart out.

Sorry for the jittery video. I was foolishly beating along with the song so that she can sing on time.

Filipinos can relate to this song, but for those who do not understand tagalog, it’s a song about a man who’s devastated when he found out that his girl left him for another man. He can’t eat, he can’t sleep, and he wishes that the next time he falls inlove, it will not be to someone who has the same heart of stone (pusong bato) as his ex.


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