The Sad Truth

Hi, and thanks again for coming back.

For two days now I have been tending to my garden and updating my gardening blog’s content. I got spurred on because my mom gave me jalapeño and habanero seeds, and my husband loves chili. Yes, we do not have those seeds here in the Philippines, so I went totally ballistic. So, during the course of my blogging about jalapeños, I have discovered a sad truth. There are more people interested in cooking rather than gardening, and they prefer to engage in replying to blogs and sharing social media content on that niche as opposed to gardening.

That made me wish – for a short time – that I have a cooking blog instead of a gardening blog. However, I am just going stick to my garden because this average home cook is not Masterchef material.

So, why am I bothered by this?

For one thing, I would like to connect with people who share the same interests as I do. I would like to educate as well learn from my audience about the challenges of growing your own garden. As a freelance writer, gardening is one of my niche, and if I can entice readers to engage in a healthy discussion outside of a forum, then that would be a great accomplishment that I can proudly add to my resume. I had experienced teaching in the past, and I have learned that different students have different perspectives on how to solve an issue. And your readers can give you that same experience once you get them to come out of their shells.

That being said, I did not have enough material to use for my blog. Most of my audience come from overseas for purposes of affiliatons and marketing – opportunities that are close to nil here in my country. Not so much people talk about their gardening techniques on how to take care of crops while coping with four amazing seasons – something that I wish to know more about because my experience is limited to dry and wet climates only.

Sure there are sites that will expertly tell you how to take care of crops, and I am glad that they take the time to do so. But what I am after as a blogger is the experience of average gardeners like me. How do they take care of their plants? What problems do they face and at what stage do they notice them? And are their problems common or just isolated incidents? So they recover from the experience, or do they quit? Those are just a few of what I wish to know, and things will definitely snowball from there.

So, if there are average gardeners out there with a blog, give me a holler and let’s exchange some ideas on how to grow food right at our backyard, balcony, lawn, or veranda, or whatever.

Yes, I am that desperate for gardening blog buddies!

Until then, and cheers to you, my future garden blog buddy.


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