The Next Level

There is this post shared on facebook about why there are math achievers, and how others do not excell in math because of their firm  belief that these whiz kids were genetically gifted with a scientific calculator wired in their brains. Sadly, I am one of them. I believed with a passion that these math geniuses were simply gifted because they make math seem effortless. In fact, I believe still that succesful singers, musicians, and writers get to where they are now because they have talent – something that I wish I have. Large, juicy chunks of it.

But a point that this article wish to deliver is that, even if those amazing achievers do have the right axons for math, it is the dedication, determination, and discipline that both the parents and childen mutually share (grudgingly, or otherwise) that got the kids where they were academically.

So, what does this math realization have to do with writing? Well, honestly, a lot.

I wrote about how I started as a freelance writer in oDesk. That sorry start was mainly due to my desire to stroke my ego that I have the “natural talent” in exeptional writing. That my need to write and my hobby to write would be enough to get me through the project without a hitch. That was a sorry mistake. I realized that one’s natural inclination to write does not equate to skill and talent in writing.

That conviction is further strengthened when I read the article. And as I read through the resources and blogs of successful writers shared by Candace Johnson, I realized that these authors show their respect and love of the industry by taking the time to hone their skills. One of the ways they do this is through their own network of peers who are more than willing to share their experiences, observations, and knowledge to promote the industry and encourage writers to become the best in their chosen field.

There may be talented writers out there, but that should not discourage us average writers or beginers from pursuing the craft. We need to believe in ourselves that we can achieve success and recognition in our industry when we devote some of our time to improve our writing skills. We need to tell ourselves that talent alone does not make a writer. That hard work and dedication can shoot us to new heights as much as the same way as those with natural talent.

Our idols, mentors, and role models may be ahead of us in terms of years and experience. Instead of letting that deter us from our goals, their hardships, challenges, and their determination should be our inspiration in becoming the writer that we want to be. We need to understand that succesful writers have their share of rejection, harsh critiques, and hurdles more than once in their writing carreer.

For myself, I will start by arriving at a list of all the valuable tips and resources that Candace has given me. I do not have the luxury of spending the whole day reading through one resource after another, and my second step is to accept that fact. I will work through my list one day at a time, and make notes on how I am to apply my new knowledge to my draft.

The resources Candace so graciously gives to her followers may pile up; that is another fact that I have to live with. And instead of getting anxious and overwhelmed with the increasing number of items in my to-do list, I must discipline myself to focus on crossing out my tasks one item after another.

Starting from this day forward, I am now moving from being a blog writer to a novelist. I have been wanting to do this for so long, it is time that I get started with this. Thanks, Candace.

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