I Wish I Have An Oak


I used to love writing on my tablet when I got my WordPress App. But after 2 gardening posts and getting half the thought of my blog for this site trashed (app did not opt to save when I tapped “back”), I discovered that my finger tapping cannot keep up with my thoughts. And since my husband is using the computer, my next recourse is to use my sketchpad and a pencil. I like the pencil better because I can erase my mistakes. I use my sketchpad to serve as a visual.

I long to have a tree as ancient as this one as a companion for writing. I am so full of nerves, pressured over my work, my responsibilities to my family, and my obligation to help my mother, as well as my sense of self-preservation. I know I can push myself to do all of these things. I know I am capable; what I am fearing is the aftermath. I once took on this superwoman role, only to find myself bedridden because of vertigo, headache, nausea, and overall body weakness.

I wish to gain back such strength, such stamina. My boss needs me for work, my daughter needs me to take care of her, and my mom only has me to watch out for her apartment.

I wish I can do more, people want me to do more.

Should I?

I wish I have an oak….



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