Follow Your Heart


I hate to admit it, but seeing my daughter make her sketches using her new charcoal pencil made me want to go back to casual sketching again. I practiced with pencil strokes, tried making a face, and then just let my hand do what it wants to do.

As much as I want to take interest in pencil sketching, it does not spark an intense longing and satisfaction as writing, or any other venture I have taken.

What Does Your Heart Tell You?

This sketch was done because I could not write about a topic for my gardening blog. I already prepared the pictures, but my husband was using the computer. My heart was not in my sketching, obviously, and the erratic strokes as well as the incomplete concepts are a testament to that fact. It goes without saying that I will definitely not invest time, money, and energy in honing this hobby.

As a freelance writer, what your heart whispers what it wants you to write. And we, a slave to the callings and whims of our muse, must write what we feel we should write. Have you tried writing about a topic that makes you feel like tepid water? Meaning that writing that topic does not invoke any sense of urgency, any form of stimulation or challenge, with the conclusion nothing more than a job that just needed to be done.

What if I Ignore My Heart?

I know that you have had experience in ignoring what your heart tells you more than once in your lifetime, and you still remember that experience. It’s the same with writing. If you pursue to write something other than what your heart is telling you to write, the pressure, stress, and dissatisfaction will reflect in your article. Given this instance, your writing will be:

  • Full of fillers.
  • Complicated.
  • Not exact to the point, or does not go directly to the topic.
  • Dry for the readers.
  • Not as complete and free-flowing as your other niche.
  • Redundant

I have seen such results when I took up writing about marketing. E-mail marketing, blog marketing, internet marketing, and so on. It may have been interesting because I got to learn some things that I know I can apply to my freelance business, but the articles were just “blah.” Proofreading it was a pain because I catch so many redundant phrases and fillers that I do not normally do with my other writing. End result, I was deeply pressured to finish the article in time, and I had to put in late nights just to get it done.

Not my cup of tea, and I did not do it again.

Liberate Yourself

If your heart tells you to write novels, do it. If your heart tells you to write about fashion, then go for it. No one should shackle you on what you want to choose as a niche. True that your chosen niche may not be in demand at the moment, as with my case, but you are building a reputation for yourself. Your initial projects should show your passion as a writer regardless if your niche is for science, romance, business, or what-not. Producing great written works will give you good references, and projects will start pouring once you have established your name as a knowledgeable yet passionate writer.

Take the test. Start first with writing about something that you really love. Then write something about a topic that you find that you are not totally interested in. Compare the effort that you give in making an excellent article for both, as well as the amount of time you needed to finish the article. Then ask a casual friend to read both and ask them which article “breathes” more and feels natural to read. What they will tell you will definitely be an eye opener. Better have harsh critiques from them rather than a demanding and exacting client.

Did you do the test? What was the result? And what are your thoughts in following what your heart tells you for your writing success? Do share your thoughts, I would love to hear them.

See you around.


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