Write If You Want To Write

I can’t remember who said it and where I read it. But what I remember was that there was a man asking a famous writer if he can be a writer. The writer then said, “If you wake up one morning and the first thing that you think about is writing, then you already are a writer.”

It stuck to me because I wanted to be a writer ever since high school. But I never got that compulsion to write that it was the first thing I wanted to do and think about first thing in the morning.

That is, until I became a freelance writer in oDesk. In high school, the first thing that pops into my head whenever I woke up was my crush, so I never bothered with writing. When I began to work for my clients, keywords, topics, research materials, and my laptop jumble in my head as I rose from my bed and automatically, without thinking, turn on my precious and trusty laptop to access Word so I can finish or start a new article.

That I do 7 days a week, from 7:00 am to 1:00 am.

Yes, you read it right. 7 days, 1:00 am.

And if you are a workaholic freelancer like me, you would say that those numbers are normal.

Listen and answer

But what am I getting at?

If you have the urge to write, do not stop yourself from doing so, especially if you are just beginning to explore your talents as a freelance writer. Call it the calling of your muse which you simply must answer, lest she floats away and be hesitant in beconing you over to her bossom.

When I ignore the call of my muse, I find that I could not concentrate. I read a couple of pages from a book of a favorite author, then put it down to open app to play on my tablet. Two minutes later, I find myself looking at Facebook, then closing it again to open my WordPress app and check if my favorite bloggers have written something new. I rejoice, read the blog, and then catch myself writing back a comment that is almost as long as a short blog post.

Once that is over, I feel kind of empty, then go back to reading my book.

Only to repeat the process all over again.

Get down on it

For the budding writer like yourself, answer your muse and write about something, anything. You can start by writing something similar (but not altogether the same) to your previous assignment. Or, you can write about something that interests you like photography, gadgets, your family and friends, you name it. Nothing is binding you, and you have the net as your resource.

Once you are done, this is where you find yourself in the loving embrace of your blog. Post that article into that blog, and then decide if you would want to take it on as your niche and build your blog from there. If you don’t want your personal blog to be related to work (because you can definitely use your blog as a testament to your writing prowess), make another blogsite, or publish your work in Ezine Articles.

Have pen, will write

If you would rather keep your writings for yourself because you are expressing something deep and personal for you, an age-old pen and paper will still do wonders. Curl up on your favorite couch, drink coffee in a secluded space in your neighborhood coffee shop, or simply go to the park and sit beneath a tree.

Write your thoughts, emotions, opinions, and observations about you or someone/something significant. It may be hard to begin but once you get that ball rolling, you will find it equally, if not doubly, hard to stop.

Digress if you must

A word of caution: if you feel you are exhausted, or if you have been writing under pressure for some time, speak softy to your muse and say a cuddle is more needed than words at the moment. Burn out is just right around the corner if you are pushing yourself to write. Remember, this exercise is meant to relax you, tone down your anxiety, and keep your pen sharp as a blade. Pressuring yourself to write when you are already pressured enough can lead to an exhausted mind that will take a lot of time to heal.

Have you experienced that compelling urge to write? What do you feel when you answern or ignore your muse? Do let me know as I would love to exchange ideas with you…. while my muse is still right beside me. 🙂

See you around

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