Career Dilema

I was always proud of the fact that I was the only blogger among my company of friends. However, when things started falling down on the freelance economy, the decison to shift careers and ignore my blogs became necessary.

And up to this day, I regret the change and neglect I have shown on my writing career, especially when I see successful bloggers getting breaks and exposure.

As a consequence of my actions, my blog rankings dropped, my writing style suffered, and my self-confidence went down the drain.

Right now, I am again facing another crossroad; wishing for my writing career to flourish, yet also longing to get into a substantial and stable job that will help me pull my family forward.

I do not know yet what to do, and I am still concentrating on  my blogs as of now. If a good offer comes to me in oDesk, I would definitely grab it. If a sound employer wants me to be a part of a budding company, I will jump to it and keep it as long as I progress and that company needs my services.

As of now, no offers, no openings, and I am still at a loss on whether to stay on my current path or move on…..

What would you do if you were in my shoes?  I would genuinely love to hear from you, so please feel free to make a comment below.

See you around.

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