A Writer’s Confidence

I have always been a thinker, and I have dreamed about writing something, anything, when I was in high school. When I graduated from college and my sister said that I am on my own when it comes to continuing education, I was desparate to find work. A good friend then introduced me  to the wonders of working at home through oDesk.

When too much was not enough

I started out as a freelance writter in oDesk having the audacity to believe that my stock knowledge and grammar were both good enough to write about something without bothering to check on resources and proofreading my work.

Yes, I agree now that it is a writer’s crime to wing it, and then compound it further by not bothering to check for errors. Not only that, I also did not think about asking my client about the purpose of the article.

Needless to say, the assignment failed misserably. I got a lousy rating in oDesk, and that made it hard for me to land another job. However, I learned my lesson and followed our nursing mantra: It’s not about you, it’s about the client.

When enough was just enough

Taking my sorry experience to heart, I searched for other writting jobs in oDesk. I was fortunate enough to be hired by Micah, a local VA with a good heart but with a goal in mind. Writing for her was fun and challenging. It was my first time writing from 7am to 3am, with rests including bathroom breaks and 15-minute meals 3x a day. We had to rush because the client needed a lot of articles for a short span of time. And it was worth it.

Another big break that I had was with Debbie. With her I got to write a lot of things that were actually my forte and hobbies. Just like Micah, writing for her was challenging and fun. Aside from that, Debbie made sure that my work gets recognized, yet she still keep me in line so that I will not get a big head.

Other writing stints followed. I took care to check on my grammar, I made sure I read at least a dozen resources per topic, and I always submitted on time. I was comfortable writting, and I had confidence in my abilities. And the many writing jobs that followed was a testament to that.

When too little is fatal

Financial and family problems forced me to take a break on writing and look for another profession. What happened was a downward spiral of events. After being away from writing, my technique suffered and I got harsh feedbacks from clients. For quite a significant period of time, looking for challenging jobs did not appeal to me the same way it did before.

I miss writing, and I am writing still. However, the projects that I do are not for others, but for my own personal satisfaction. I still use a lo t resources, I still proofread. But I know that it will take some time and training for me to gain back the love for challenge and high-pressure deadlines.

Until then, I will wait for that client who is going to be my mentor, my muse, and my inspiration.


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